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Council gives green light to Waverley Underpass Project

February 24, 2016

Winnipeg, MB – At today’s Council meeting, City Council voted to move forward with the Waverley Underpass Project. A preliminary design has been completed and the detailed design process will take place throughout 2016, with an expected construction start date in early 2017.


Due to rapid growth in the southwest quadrant of the city and increasing traffic congestion due to heavy train operations, upgrading the Waverley crossing of the Canadian National Railway (CN) Rivers rail line has become a priority in recent years. With approximately 30,000 vehicles and between 35 and 40 train movements passing through the intersection daily, the Waverley rail crossing has become a major bottleneck.


The Waverley Underpass Project will include replacement of the existing at-grade railway crossing at Waverley and Taylor with an underpass, along with reconstruction and rehabilitation of Waverley Street. Taylor Avenue between Waverley Street and Lindsay Street will be increased to four lanes. This project will not only improve traffic flow, but will also enhance safety, mobility and capacity as well as active transportation in the area.


Total project cost is approximately $155 million. This is a Class 3 estimate (accurate within -20% to +30% of the final construction cost) funded by the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada, as well as contributions from CN who has a financial obligation for a portion of the rail crossing under an existing agreement with the City of Winnipeg.


For more information, please see winnipeg.ca/waverleyunderpass.




Media inquiries should be directed to the City of Winnipeg Media Inquiry Line at 204-986-6000 or via email at City-MediaInquiry@winnipeg.ca.

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